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Rossiter System

What is The Rossiter System of Workouts for Pain Reliefrossiter system cheshire

Get out of pain fast with these quick, effective assisted techniques. The Rossiter System is a unique form of pain relief. It addresses pain at its cause- the body's connective tissue system. Connective tissue that are overworked, stressed or injured tightens and shortens, causing many health and structural problems. The Rosiiter System helps to change the large amounts of connective tissue for better mobility, freer movement and most of all pain relief.

Benefits Include :

Pain Relief for : lower back & hips, repetitive strains, golfers/tennis elbow, hand/wrist pain, knee/foot pain, leg/ankle pain, stress headaches & migraines, sciatica, neck & shoulder problems including whiplash and spondylosis, osteo arthritis, sports injuries & much more.

Improves sports performance

Greater Mobility, range of movement & flexibility

Longer lasting results

Helps to re align hips & shoulders


Therapists Offering The Rossiter System in Congleton Complementary & Alternative Medical Centre


We are currently looking for therapists offering the Rossiter System to join Congleton Complementary & Alternative Medical Centre.

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